Monday, March 21, 2016

Cuba Libre Economy

Opening up relations with Cuba continues the smartest strategy we’ve formulated for those that believe capitalism is the best economy we’ve come with for providing the most people with the highest standard of living.  It’s not perfect but it’s the best one yet.

And one of the keys to making it work is peace.  Our economy is what won the Cold War.   Military confinement of the spread of Communism was key, important, and necessary.  Commies took over by force.  People didn’t have a choice, so stopping the spread was necessary, but it was peace that won the war.  From the Berlin airlift in ’48-’49 to Détente in the late ‘70’s, peaceful accords did way more for free market economies than the planned economies of the communist world.  No matter how many 5-year plans they came up with, they just could not keep up.

I never understood why those planned economies with no capitalist exploiting the working class and removing profits did not outperform the capitalists driven free market economies, and here is the kicker, they had absolute control.   If a change was needed to increase production, they could do it without the interference of owners, investors, or shareholders.

And yet, the free market economies literally kick the planned economies ass.  Whether you compare Russia to the U.S., East and West Europe, the two Germanys or Berlin, China and Hong Kong and Taiwan, the working class had a higher standard of living – even with the boom and bust cycles of free market economies.  You could see it from space at night.  The West was all lit up while the East was in the dark.  You can still that effect in North and South Korea.

So!!!!  Our opening the door to Cuba on peaceful terms is the way to go.


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