Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and White MSN Sucks

In this weekend's morning's newspaper, I came across an AP story in the local news about some rather gruesome murders in Knoxville, Tennessee. What caught my attention was mention of blogging. This blog storm seems to be more about the coverage of the story rather than the story itself, which is just another day in the blog world – but I digress. I make it a practice not to follow trails in general – the Libby Plame name leak trail being a most major exception, which in itself is indicative of the reason for this post.

A blog at NPR sort of round ups the story of the story with the conservative blogs pushing this lack of national attention and slamming the liberal media in the same post. The NPR blogger offers a site that refs the O.J. Simpson trial as proof that national news will cover black on white crime. NPR blog. (The OJ trail story is one of the major reasons I don't follow that sort of thing. Besides the OJ trail story is proof that if you got enough money, color don't matter.)

A day later, Editor and Publisher published the AP story I read in my local paper although it included a ref about the InstaPundit. Maybe I miss the ref in the original story I read; I was negotiating a warmed apple turnover (Oh American decadence! I do what I can for conspicuous consumption.)

So I jumped over to see what the InstaPundit had to say, and Glenn points to a site Crosblog that round ups also, but point out that in the Duke rape case – which has been used as proof of reverse racism – the prosecutor sought press cover while the Knoxville prosecutors have not. Crosblog is eat up with links to stories of murdered victims and stories that probably deserve more coverage than they are getting. However, Crosblog does not link to the conservative blogs that are raising a hate ruckus about the coverage.

I found Crosblogs arguments and punditry interesting and have bookmarked it for a return visit. I put it in other. I'm not sure if it's conservative or liberal or something in-between. Thanks Instapundit

Like I said above, I don't follow trials of this sort, but I can see what this story needs. People are wanting more attention and "more attention" is just a phone call away.

What this story needs and doesn't have are a couple of white guys like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. They would go to Knoxville, organize demonstrations and get face time for themselves and the story on TV. Get that coverage that some think this story needs.

Jesse marched with a man that now gets a holiday all his own so he's got that new buzz word from rap: street cred. (Sorry Imus.) Some white dude with that kind of street cred would be a MSN suck, and would pull in the coverage. And he could be like Jesse in that some of the colors of his rainbow coalition are brighter than others What rainbow isn't without its colors that are more intense than others -- it's jus tthe way of rainbows. The Jesse-like white guy could come up with a catchy saying that rhymes but that would enhance but not reduce his white cred.

The Al Sharpton-like white guy could go to Knoxville, march, and accuse the prosecutor of being in on the rape of the two kids.

The problem with those conservative mouth pieces trying to do it is the taint of racism. Unlike Jackson and Sharpton, they have no race cred.

That's what's missing from his story: white MSN sucks with race cred and street cred. And Oh Yea! White cred. That's what is needed to get this story off its ass and get some face time with pouty-lipped ingenue news talking head telling us about it. And they need to be blond pouty-lipped ingenue news talking heads.

If only.

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