Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Happiness in Annapolis

Today's Mid-East Peace meeting in Annapolis will be run like Bush’s other foreign policy initiatives. All participants are told that they will be welcomed with flowers and kisses but will be ambushed by unanticipated attacks when they get there. Bush’s foreign policy advisors will be totally oblivious of age old rivalries among participants and will sit people alphabetically according to the nickname Bush has given them.

Participants will be told the meeting is to discuss the Palestinian problems but it will be about Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan. They will be searched for those missing Iraqi WMD’s that Bush’s truly faithful believe must be someplace.

The Neocons will usurp the meeting to manipulate its proceeding for their own naïve theories for the Middle East. In another secret agenda, Darth Cheney will come speak, and with an obtuse comment and wave of the hand make it difficult for many participants to find their breath and scare the hell out of everybody else.

Some how, a justification for the U.S. attacking Iran will come out of the meeting.

And even if nothing gets done during the conference, Bush will come flying into the Annapolis airport in his flight suit with Mission Accomplished banners flying all over. Condi will get an ’at a girl or heck of job, and everyone will live happily ever after in Bush world.

Bizarro World and no Superman, what are we to do?
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