Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tapping to the Muzak

Is this an invitation or do you just like this song?

Frank Rich has weighted in on the Larry Craig brouhaha over how the left and right are responding to his behavior in the Minneapolis Airport’s men’s room.

The right is attacking the left for not being understanding for Craig’s misfortune. Where’s the political correctness for a gay man – sorry, a non-gay man acting as a gay man – when the left is so quick to defend a gay’s right to be gay? The left’s retort is that it is not the gayness of it all but the hypocrisy of Craig and his conservative kind. Craig was supposed to be a real gay basher in the Senate.

The lefties don’t care how many times Craig goes into a men’s room for reasons other than urinary or bowel relief. He can tap his foot all he wants and take as wide a stance as he wishes, and even followed up with whatever this behavior is suppose to portend.

It’s Craig’s two-facedness in the whole gay political scene that upset the liberals. They would act the same way if they found out Ted Kennedy was a member of the KKK or Joe Lieberman was secretly a Nazi. Would they be as upset if they found out Barney Frank was secretly having an affair with a woman? Would the right then come to their defense?

Up is down, down is up, the left is right and the right is left. We seem to be living in that kind of political bizarro world now, so I wouldn’t be surprise.

You can be sure of one thing. The right has mastered mass communication, and as we have recently seen in the past, will make the liberals look like fools over this whole gay bashing affair. They’ll feed the liberals their own lunch – sideways.

See my previous post about the two brains of politics and how the conservative brain may have been slow – as test now show – to catch on to mass communication, but now that they have, their unwavering brain pathways gives them an advantage in spinning any story the liberals can only understand but never equal.
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