Sunday, February 17, 2008

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

In Frank Rich’s Sunday column, The Grand Old White Party Confronts Obama, he comments on just how white the Republicans are and the Obama phenomena that may (or may not) be sweeping the country right now and it is a heralding of the end of the white man racism of the Republican Party. I don’t think that’s true. I would like to think it’s true, but I don’t believe it is. I commented much the same there and am repeating it here.

When LBJ signed the civil rights bill he bullied through Congress, he is supposed to have said he lost the South for the Democratic Party. Would seem the old pol was right. One of the best things that every happen to the Democratic Party was all those good old boy racists, those Dixiecrats, the Strom Thurmans, and Trent Lotts became good Republicans. Good riddance. The Democrats may never win in the South again but it’s a better party for it.

While Obama may win the nomination because of picking up so many delegates from southern states, he can not depend on winning those states in the general election. They will go Republican just as LBJ predicted. The good old Southern boys will not return to the Democratic Party until the Republicans reduce their wages’ purchasing power to the levels it was in pre-Depression times before the Democrats and the war raised the standard of living for everybody but the exceedingly rich – and increased the number of rich people, also.

I’m one of those Democrats that liked McCain from way back. Like others, I think he has the potential of being another Teddy Roosevelt. Just as nobody but an old Cold Warrior like Nixon could have opened talks with China, so too, only a Republican can bring way-needed progressive changes to our government. Those right wingers don’t like him any more than their forefathers dislike Teddy, and rightly so from their point of view. He will be their undoing.

Will Mr. Change cause a change in the South? I wish the current Obamania would make it happen but I’m too cynical to believe it. McCain will be our next President. It won’t even be close. There still that much hate in this country.


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