Saturday, February 16, 2008

Nora, Darling

[Nora Ephron wrote over at the Huffington Post The A.D.D. Election in which she lamented she could keep track of what was going on in this election cycle. I commented on her post and here is my comment below, although I fleshed it out a little more.]

It’s not ADD when you got data overload. There’s just too, too, way too much − of everything. Election-wise that is.

It’s not ADD; it’s Bizarro World and I don’t know which one is Superman − or Superwoman as the case may be − but I do know where the Kryptonite is. That’s entitlements. Don’t get near that or you become very, very weak − politically that is, to wring out this analogy for all its worth.

Anyway, this time around, it’s a Bizarro World. What’s up is down, what’s down is up. Experience doesn’t matter – except in practice. Experience teaches us that unless there is a very good practical plan, change will change nothing. Does the takeover of Iraq come to mind?

But of course our overthrow of Saddam has changed everything – nothing like what was planned – we’ve changed the balance of power among Muslim states in the Middle East and Southwestern Asia that has been in existence for centuries. If Mr. Change wins, he’s going to have to deal with that, as we all are. Thank you, Neocons.

We have learned one thing that has not changed in our selection of a president. America’s 9/11 Mayor’s strategy − as well as “rank’em, pack’em, stack’em*” Thompson’s strategy − has taught us is you can’t ignore the early primary. Even if you know you will not do well among the holier-than-thou or the northerner-than-thou, you got to make a show of trying. A no show got no go.

Like you, Nora darling, I was hoping Super Tuesday would end the madness. And, for the Republican it did − sort of. The “sort of” reinforces the idea that Republicans would rather be “right” than win or that they prefer a faux hero who pretended to land a plane on a carrier instead of someone who actually landed a plane on a carrier.

Of course, the Republicans can always depend of the strategy that has worked for them oh so well in the past. They can depend on the Democrats to lose an election that any pundit except those from some Biazrro World blog would predict they would easily win. I wonder if Mr. Change can change that.

Anyway, Nora darling, not blogging just commenting (too late!). Let’s do lunch. Have your bot contact my bot. Love ya’, mean it.

*One of Thompson’s lines in a Die Hard movie − the second one I believe. Wouldn’t you have just loved to hear him make at least one State of Union address? It woulda’ been a stem-winder.


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