Monday, January 21, 2008

Poll Me No Polls

So much for “Change as the New Black”. There is no new black in this election cycle – so far. Hillary proved the professional politician she is. Maybe experience is no longer mentioned as is change in election campaigning but she proved its merit in practice. The other big news item on the campaign trail is how wrong polls can be and how much newsworthiness they possess prior to being proven wrong.

And the newshounds keep going back to them – as if polls were a fickle but undeniable siren. It’s all they got and so they treat it like it is news. Like I said before: If “dog bites man” is the only news you got, then any newsperson worth his salt gets a dog that bites. Thus we have polls.

Super Tuesday will decide it all. I’m thinking Hillary has got it but who knows. It will be interesting to see how they campaign for Super Tuesday and how the press covers it.

Florida is going to be interesting to see if Giuliani’s strategy was wise. It didn’t work for Thompson in South Carolina. McCain won and gave a most interesting victory speech. Wouldn’t it be funny if someone who emphasized the legend of a Republican winning the South Carolina primary were to invalidate that tradition? Such is American politics.

I would almost like to see Giuliani’s strategy proven in Florida if only it would mean the demise of the early expectation setting primaries and the news hype that surrounds them. However, there is the more interesting aspect in the coming election of McCain being our time’s Teddy Roosevelt, so Giuliani has got to lose. Perhaps it will be like Al Gore proving a Democrat no longer needs the South to win but he lost anyway type of victory.
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