Saturday, February 23, 2008

Experience is not what it used to be

This is not the season for experience. The Clinton’s, one of the most politically adroit couples to come along since maybe the Roosevelt’s, has been unable to overcome the change movement that is in the air. People want change. People want to be inspired by their candidate. People are tired of experience.

And who’s to blame them? When the current administration came into office, it was one of the most experience groups in governing that has taken over for some time – except of course for the President himself. And yet, these pros made the mistakes of amateurs. Lucky for them, the military was educated enough from its experience that it saved their ass – sort of.

So why shouldn’t experience take a beating? Throw the bums out and get all new bums. Even if they are new and don’t know quite what to do, we know from experience they can’t do much worse than someone with experience.

Woops! I’m evoking experience to degrade experience. Isn’t that a self-defining definition or self-fulfilling prophecy or just plain selfish?

One BIG difference in this election that’s way different than almost all that have come before is the election of a Senator to the presidency. The last time that happened was when John Kennedy got elected, and I don’t know when it happed before that. Experience has taught us that for senators to get to be president, they need to get themselves picked as a vice president first. While it's not unusual for senators to get their party's nomination, they don’t usually win presidental elections.

A very good route to the White House is to become a governor first. They do very well in presidential elections. Seems we are always picking outsiders. Seems change is not all that much change.

The very best way to become president is to be the commanding general in a major war. That strategy has worked from Washington to Eisenhower. Some things never change.

Which brings up another thing experience is famous for: The more things change, the more they stay the same. Does that mean that if Obama brings enough change to the government it will be the same as what we got now?

One of these days, these Obamaniacs are going to wake up with a big case of change-hangover. And experience teaches us they will become disillusioned and cynical about their government and politics. They will turn away from it and return to sports or celebrity-watching or American Idle/Idol, and experience politicos will move back in and run thing just as they always have.

Experience will do that to you.



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