Saturday, July 24, 2004

My Two Cents on the Iraq War

I was against the war before it started, but now we cannot just leave.  We would be in a worse position than before we got into it.  We beat Saddam but would loose the war. 

Bush was right in his campaign sound bite that we should not attempt nation building, but he had not appointed all those neocons at that time.  The wolf man and his fellow travelers came into the administration in 2000 with the intention of régime change in Iraq.  Well they got their wish.  Colin Powel’s was right about the Pottery Barn – it’s ours now.

We need to either leave or military up big time.  Bring back the draft, build a large enough army to do the job, and accept the consequences.  However, we will never win.  I can’t believe the neocons are that naive.  Maybe leaving would be the better choice.  Cut our losses and just get out.

Iraq will never be a democracy.  The bombs and killings will go on until the mullahs take control as in Iran or a strong man like Saddam takes complete control of everything. 

“The Horror.”  Heart of Darkness

Campaign Slogan

Go Fuck Yourself
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Vote for Bush/Cheney

Thursday, July 15, 2004

My New Blog

Well here I am.  I went to JibJab to look at "My Land."  They were busey so I thought I would leave a comment -- next thing I know I'm creating a blog.  I thought I would create one when I retired, but hey what the hell, here it is so I created it.  More about my blog name later.