Sunday, January 21, 2007

Put Your Money on a Governor

Hillary announced, and the rest is history -- someday. Whether she shall turn out to the star of that history or that role will be played by another, remains to be seen. (Thanks Chuck.)

Democrats and Republican candidates are a'poppin'. With neither a potential candidate in the White House or Naval Observatory. The field is wide open.

Of course, many will not be running for President but for the Vice President position. If you're a nobody or famous for DC only, getting nominated for vice president is one smart move. The vice president nominate is still a somebody even if your party loses the election. Case in point: Edwards can claim to be a front runner and the MSM will give him the benefit of the doubt -- and coverage.

Right after the last presidential election I advised the Democrats to pick a governor for their next candidate. Click here for a statistical breakdown on positions held by the two parties' nominated candidates since 1948.

The hundred pound gorilla up on stage with the candidates -- standing in the the background during photo ops -- is what is going to happen in two major cities over the next two years. One is Baghdad and how the war response to the surge, and the other is Washington DC.

While there is always the chance the inevitable investigations of the Bush administration by the Democratic Congress will not lead inexorably to the news dominating feeding frenzy that occurred in Nixon's and Clinton's second term -- see LBJ's Curse on the Second Term -- it's highly unlikely. We should be so lucky. Although the country would be better off without impeachment proceedings in the next two year, given what Bush stirred up nation building, I fear it's going to happen and nothing is going to stop it. The Middle East will have to take care of its self or it can be Europe's worry.

Events in Baghdad or DC or both are going to be the major topic of discussion in the run up to this election. And if it gets worse in either of those two cities, an outsider like a governor got the best chance.

So if you're a betting type -- and we're talking the economy and world peace -- go for a governor. If I were a governor and thought I had a chance, I'd be doing some hat throwing.

And we'll blog about here.