Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Email to Bill O’Reilly – Really?

After watching a Bill O’Reilly show, I thought about emailing him to question his comments on Hillary’s email fiasco, but after sobering up, thought wiser of it.

I agreed with the big “O” that Hillary’s use of her email while Sec. of State was not only irresponsible and negligence, but could – and probably -  put national security in jeopardy.  Where I found Mr. No Spin wanting in his criticism was not commenting on Trump doing the same thing.

True, Trump is waging an unprecedented campaign for the Presidency, but he is following a trail already blazed by Hillary in his constant and excessive use of the internet and social media such as Twitter.  And, his actions seem to send a signal that he will continue to do so – even as he is being informed on U.S. government policy.

Major candidates are briefed about ongoing policy so they will not be totally ignorant of what is going on should they be elected President.  Will Trump keep that info out of his tweets.  Yea, right.  He has already shown he is politically incorrect in the use of the internet, and while this may, or may not, be helping his unconventional campaign, what happens when he starting getting sensitive information.

And who among us really believe he will stop it should he get elected.  Hillary didn’t after becoming Sec. of State.  She was probably doing it when she was a senator and had access to sensitive information.  Who knows, given Trump’s current stumbles and fumbles in using the internet, he may pull a “Hillary” before the November vote comes around.

But no mention of this from Bill who was so distraught over Hillary, and I was going to bring that to his attention.

I didn’t do the email because the sheer chance O’Reilly might select mine for publication on his show.  He would flash up my name and hometown, and after contemplating that for a while, I decided not to it, and blog it instead.

It wasn’t so much my friends teasing me or even the hometown news featuring me in some story as making it to the “big time” on O’Reilly as other nightmares that might ensue.  I hear and read stories of people doing something similar to what I just described and becoming the target of hate mail, telephone calls, and even threats against their life and family, and then there’s the threat of hackers coming after me.  That’s why I did not send any email to the Big O.

Another noteworthy point I would have included in the email to O’Reilly was what is going to happen when Hillary becomes President.  When Hillary is elected and takes office, the clock starts ticking.  The Republican Congress will open an investigation into her misused emails, and just like the Benghazi witch hunt, it will go on forever.  Will they find any impeachable offenses?  This is why her selection of VP as a running mate is more significant than usual.