Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Liberal / Conservative Dictionary

Libs: The tragic exercise of a woman’s unalienable right
Cons: Murder

Affirmative Action
Libs: Special advantage for minorities to correct previous wrongs
Cons: Special advantage for members of well connected or powerful families to maintain their position

Aggressive Foreign Policy
Libs: Allowing self determination for people in foreign countries, by force if necessary.
Cons: Forcing foreigners to live like Americans whether they want to or not.

Libs: The pristine and fragile natural asset on Alaska’s northern slope that must be protected from exploitation
Cons: An opportunity for cheap oil

Biasness in News

Libs: Theoretidcally unavoidable political inclination that can taint an objective report.
Cons: Liberals attempted slant in new reports. A conservative slant is not bias since it's the truth.

Bleeding Heart Liberal
Libs: A member of a faction of liberalism which is exemplified by the excessive and unrealistic concern shown for individuals in the criminal justice system and all aspects of the environment including every single member of every species no matter how insignificant
Cons: A descriptive term for all liberal

Compassionate Conservative
Libs: Recognition by conservatives of the need for governmental concern for those disadvantaged or less fortunate.
Cons: A gimmick to get the liberal vote

Libs: The descendents of white Europeans struggling to keep what they have from anybody else who came before, during, or after they did.
Cons: Bedrock Americans holding on to the true American way of life.

The Democracy Spring in the Middle East
Libs: The manifestation of basic desires among Middle Eastern people for freedom and a voice in their own government brought on by the successfully free vote among Palestinians and Iraqis.
Cons: Validation and verification of the Bush Doctrine for the Middle East.

End of Cold War / Fall of Communism
Libs: Education that free markets are more effective than planned economies
Cons: Vindication that free markets are more effective than planned economies

Libs: The process of natural selection that explains the speciation of life on earth
Cons: An atheistic theory that has no proof

Libs: A demeaning name for men who do not display a macho life style
Cons: Liberals

Faith-Based Government
Libs: The misappropriation of that which is within Caesar’s domain. Failure by the followers of Jesus Christ to heed His direction on how that which is Caesar’s should be rendered.
Cons: Bringing God into government so governmental decisions are God’s decisions.

Faith-Based Science
Libs: An insult to God. Also, an oxymoron since science is a matter of fact and belief in God is a matter of faith and to try and blend them is to diminish both.
Cons: Putting God back into science. Science as God intended. God’s science.

Flip Fop

Libs: Frequent changing of political position, especially for personal short-term advantage. However, it may be a derogatory referenece for innovative change of position because of a timely recognition of fundamental change in the political environment.
Cons: Frequent changing of political position, especially for personal short-term advantage (Period!).

Libs: An alternative lifestyle
Cons: An abomination and illegal lifestyle that should be hidden or corrected

Girlie Men

Libs: An insulting name coined by a famous Republican for those men who question certain stereotypical political positions for men
Cons: Most if not all liberal men

Global Test
Libs: An assay that is done after the fact
Cons: A test the U.S. must past before the fact

Global Warming
Libs: The result of carbon loading in the atmosphere from the burning of hydrocarbon based fuels
Cons: Another liberal theory for which there is no real proof

Libs: The belief in a supreme being or beings in varying forms in different cultures.
Cons: A white English speaking supreme being with a white immaculately conceived English speaking son of a Jewish woman.

Libs: Organization responsible for the general welfare and the protection of individual rights
Cons: An intrusion in private life

Gulf War II
Libs: The first item in the Neo-Conservatives' (neocons) agenda for America
Cons: Retaliation for 9/11 against Saddam for his tight link to Al Qaeda and possession of WMD

Gun Control
Libs: The necessary infringement of second amendment rights in order to fight increasing use of handguns and weapons designed to kill large numbers of human beings.
Cons: Precedent in the outlawing of all guns.

Intelligent Design
Libs: Pseudoscience by creationist. Another attempt at solidifying that which is neither solid nor concrete: faith
Cons: A theory just like evolution which should be taught in school along with evolution

Libs: Idealistic Americans who want the promise of the Declaration of Independence, Preamble to the Constitution, and Gettysburg Address for all Americans.
Cons: Bleeding hearts who would undermine this country’s basic values and strengths for a bunch of ingrates.

Mainstream Media
Libs: A tool of the right
Cons: Full of liberal bias

Mule Headedness

Libs: The first phase of a politican's progression to dogmatism
Cons: An insult by liberals for those who stick to principle

Libs: An extreme faction of the conservative members of the Republican Party that believes the U.S. should maintain its current sole superpower status by preemptive invasions of selected nations with Iraq being the first. Took control of the Pentagon and U.S. foreign policy after the election of 2000.
Cons: Great Americans.

Objectivity in News
Libs: An idealistic goal in news that is best achieved by consciously striving for a personal nonjudgmental outlook on life.
Cons: Reporting the conservative viewpoint without fault or favor.

Prayer in School
Libs: Organized or institutionalized prayer such as in an assembly or classroom in public school is a violation of the first amendment. Small private prayers by individuals will continue in schools as long as there are finals.
Cons: Not only protected by the first amendment, it should be encouraged, defended, and hammered into kids everyday.

Privatization of Social Security
Libs: First step in a campaign to undermine and then do away with one of liberals' greatest accomplishments, Social Security.
Cons: First step to separate those who can afford a retirement from those that cannot and finally get rid that liberal albatross around American’s neck, Social Security.

Libs: The most intimate of all contact between two individuals, initially evolved to optimize survival, it can be he most human of expressions.
Cons: A dirty, filthy act that should only be done for impregnation and only in the missionary position. However, it you can sneak off and do it with someone other than your spouse, you can do it all kinds of ways, and it’s lots of fun.

Status quo
Libs: Something that should be changed
Cons: Something that should be maintained

Libs: Each citizen’s obligation to finance the proper operation of government
Cons: Something to be avoided as much as possible

Libs: Care and support for the disadvantaged
Cons: Handout to bums

Welfare State
Libs: The unanticipated cost of providing welfare to all in need
Cons: The results of too many liberals in government

Women’s Rights
Libs: The movement to secure for women equal treatment and opportunity -- those declared self-evident truths of unalienable rights for all women.
Cons: The right to an all American two-fisted man, a passel of children, and host of chores.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

All the Fits that's News to Print

David Broder is way full of shit. His diatribe against modern journalist shows more his own problems than the problems in journalism. Jack Shafer hit him as he deserved to be hit in his PressBox site at Slate. Maybe he should accompany Rather to the retirement home. Both have shown bad judgment for someone of their experience.

Broder's column site:

Jack Shafer's PressBox site: http//

Obviously, I don't have this linking thing down, yet.

Journalism is better today than it has ever been, but that does not mean it could do with some improvements. Is there a liberal bias in the major news media? Yes, but only in the editorial section. Most major news outlets try to be objective when they report what they think is news. Of course, the “thinking” of the reporter or editor is going to be affected by their political leaning, but most consider themselves to be a professional before they consider their feeling from a political point of view.

If a professional journalist cannot be objective, then there is no hope for other professionals. A lawyer cannot represent a client which he thinks is guilty or at fault in some legal situation. Doctors can not treat patient of different political viewpoints. And, it’s not in just the fields which require degrees and certifications.

Any craftsman or tradesman, who approaches his work in a professional manner, cannot objectively work on the possessions of someone who is associated with political party not of his liking. Career soldiers can not serve a leader in whom they do not believe, orders or no orders. Clerks, who consider themselves as professional – and there are many that do, cannot be trusted to file the material of someone who has a different political opinion. Professionalism is an attitude not a position and objectivity begins with Journalism 101 or the first day on the job those who learn by doing and continues for as long as the journalist is willing to learn.

Liberal bias? You know, if you get far enough to the right, the center looks left to you. Well it seems I have gotten off subject.

As for the internet’s degrading of journalism, Mr. Border could not be more wrong. The Blogosphere’s present in the internet along with big media’s sites has created a whole new world order. It’s like someone who watched Gutenberg in operation and realized that being able to quickly combine single letters together to form words and then a page of text would revolutionize the spread of information.

To think, me and whoever is reading this are at the birth of a whole new way of life. The world is going to change more than it has ever changed before and I happen to be alive to see it happen. So it goes.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Where is a Blog When You Need One?

I read with great interest how the Blogosphere embarrassed the mighty CBS and Dan Rather. But I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

OK, the memos were a fake; the story was bad journalism; the high and mighty were brought down. I never cared for Rather's style anyway. So, let's give a big whoopee do for the bloggers on the right. :-o The bloggers on the left got Trent Lott for letting his mouth show his true ass, and now, the bloggers on the right have got one too -- a big one. It's just more proof of that big media is got a bad case of liberal bias. Doesn't CBS know you shouldn't scare those genetically disposed to paranoia.

But proving the memos were fake and getting confirmation from the broadcaster is not enough. Mr. Safire's column is the only one I've seen that makes the point that needs to be made. Someone forged Killian's (or whoever he is) name on bogus documents, and then they were faxed to CBS.

The link doesn't work, so here is the site:

Bingo Charlie! Someone step over the line one big time: Tried to influence the election, no big deal, but the forger/election influencer used a public conveyance to do his dirty work. I don't care if her or she was from Kerry's camp, or it was the work of Karl Rove, or an independent agent, this dude needs some serious exposure. Maybe it was that bitter nut in Texas, Burkett, but that's OK. This is America, we allow nuts to run free. Who is not the point, follow through is -- or was.

But all is quite in the Blogdom tonight. Well not quite, everyone is getting ready for the big debate, last minute shots about which ride Bush is on in Fantasy Iraq and Kerry is either flipping or flopping. The forger is forgotten is these fast news cycles. I shouldn't concern myself. I shouldn't be going up river.

"The Horror." Why do I keep coming back to "Heart of Darkness"?

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Gulf War I, A Lesson for All Time

I did not think too much of George H. W. Bush until his son got elected, and also, time has past. I thought the man was a intellectual light weight, but I have come to realized he had a subtle intellect I had not appreciated.

I now belief that one day great minds of many disciplines will study how he conducted the first gulf war. It may become the best example of post Cold War collaboration of many powerful nations. What is especially interesting is the report that President Bush read a report of what the cost would be if he invaded Iraq and brought down Sadam, and decided it was not worth cost. Has current events proved him right, or what?

He is proof of a saying that there is not one question on an IQ test that would indicate what kind of president a person would be exempt for the one asking for your name. The president does have to be able to sign his name.

Or, that the statement made by Lyndon Johnson: "If you can't walk into a room and tell who is on your side and who isn't, you should get out of politics." Again, not intellect, but something else, something less measurable but more importance.

George H. W. Bush listen to the better advisors, selected the better intelligence, obtained consensus from nations normally view as antagonist, and walk away with an unquestionable "Mission Accomplished".

I think history will be kinder to the father than the son.

Our Climatic Future (Or is Global Warming Full of Hot Air)

In our the immediate climate future, the next 5,000 years, the climate will go to either global warming, global cooling, or global stay the same. Out past 5,000 years and certainly out past 10,000 years, the last scenario is no longer viable. In the long run the climate will either warm up or cool down; it always has; it always will. Eventually it will do both.

If you follow the latest in atmospheric science, global warming is the future climate. It certainly has gotten good press -- well a lot of press, any way. It's one of the great liberal causes. We need to commit to an economic diet (i.e. cut back on productivity) of lower carbon emissions by reducing the burning of hydrocarbon based fuels to slow the process of global warming.

A funny thing happened in the process to prove that the climate was warming up. By looking at past climates we could compare and see just how much things are heating up. Sounds like a good idea. Scientist took core samples from glaciers to determine the climates over millions of years and discovered just how cold the climate had been in the past three million years. It look like we were just in a warm period that occurred periodically during the ice ages.

whoops! Science will do that to you. You look for one thing and you find something entirely else. Serendipity, what a strange phenomena in science.

At any rate, if you were going to bet -- and that is what the global warmer's are asking us to do with the economy -- and you tend to believe past performance is a predictions of future behavior, then you would have to go with global cooling.

However, there is a kicker. The studies of glacier core samples seems to also indicate that the climate varies a lot more over a short period of time than it is varying now -- a lot of swings between very hot and very cold weather. We appear to be in a climate equilibrium, and the carbon loading of the atmosphere will disrupt this equilibrium causing not only global warming but some bad ass global cooling.

So, as much as I hate to admit it, the global warmer's are right -- but not for the reasons they are spouting so loudly. Gag me to the max, man.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

As free as Iraq will ever be

While I was always against and always will be against nation building (except after a great world war), we have the opportunity to see an interesting phenomena. Because of our occupation of Iraq, it currently has more freedom than it ever had or ever will have. Even with all the terror and killing, Iraq is exercising its new found freedom.
I did not think our welcomed removal of Sadam would last very long, and it didn't. And after we are gone, we will be missed. The necon's theory of setting up a democracy is noble but idealistic.
After we leave, Iraq will split up in a civil war or be dominated by the mullahs or a tyrant like Sadam. And, as bad as the terror is now, this will be remembered as a golden age.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Necon Government vs. Anything Else

Usually I don't care who wins the presidential election. I usually vote Democrat, but there have been times when I didn't really want my man to win; I just wanted to continue to vote Democrat and I did not have to worry about him winning.

I never liked Dick Nixon. I did not trust him, but his administration was OK in my book, so I really did not care if he won. I liked Ronald Reagan, would have like to have met him, but I did not think to much of his political philosophy -- but like Nixon, he had an administration I could live with when he got elected and reelected, I didn't care too much. The country, and my life, will go on pretty much as it always has.

And that has been the case since I was old enough to know and understand presidential elections, however, that is not the case now. I like George Bush. Probably would have partied with that dude when we were both young. And like young Bush, I only took an interest in what is going on around me after I got older -- actually until I got drafted into a war I never paid much attention to. (But, that's another entry for another day.)

Kerry is like Clinton, a stick in the mud. Not only did I inhale, I'd Bogart the joint. From the little bit I heard or read, he was like some officers I knew, which it was best to steer clear of as much as possible.

But George has around him some advisors and people in position who I think is very bad for our government. They have a naive theory and opinions about what our government should be doing, and the problem is, they have the President's ear. Their ideas may get us into more trouble that it will take generations to correct.

Democracy could possible come to the Middle East -- but not from us as long as we occupy any country. It must come from within. They, whatever Middle Eastern country it is, must rise up and take control themselves; it can not be given to them. Just as blacks in this country learned that whites could give them only so much equality; they had to rise up and take true equality themselves. That stuggle is ongoing.

For once, I agree with the political rhetoric. This election is very important. Not to elect John Kerry, but to vote to get those neocons out of the government. If Bush gets reelected, they will see it as validation. They will continue with their plan to invade Iran or North Korea, with no plan for what happens afterward -- as though changing the government to democracy is like a changing your clothes. They will befriend spys and enemy agents in their headlong rush to fulfill some naive theory that could never come true -- redu

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Guardsman Bush and Sailor Kerry

I don't care if the letters are true or not; if Bush had special influence in getting in; and if he was there when he was suppose to be.

The national guard has always had home cooking. That is as part of the guard as calling them out for civil unrest or local emergencies -- always has been and, I hope, always will be. The guard is the local militia. It's mentioned in the Bill of Rights. The guard dates its inception from the minute men. Its older than the nation. They and the army reserves were the first to fight; the first to be called up. Also, most if not all guardsman try to avoid those monthly meeting. If he found a way to avoid the meetings, more power to him.

The fact we would question a person's patriotism for joining the guard say more about the politics of Vietnam than it does about anyone's patriotism.

While the war in Vietnam has ended ,it seems the political wars of Vietnam go on. It sleeps for four years and then, sometimes, is reawakened.

Kerry, the one true vet, seems to be paying more than those who chose not to serve in Vietnam. Bush, Cheney, Clinton, and many of the neocons stayed home, and we are not as critical on them as we are on Kerry. The more you serve the more harshly you are judged.

Of course, Kerry is having to pay for what he did after the war more so than what he did during the war. Those swift Vets are motivated more by Kerry's anti-war actions than his combat service -- and current Republican goals.

That's one thing (among many) I don't understand about those on the right. They wrap themselves in the flag. They claim to be America's most loyal citizens, but they object to anyone exercising the freedoms for which this country stands. Was their struggle for freedom in vain, or more likely, their struggle was for their kind of freedom -- not true freedom?

There is a place for conservatives in the liberal's world but there is no room for liberals in the conservative's world. I seem to have gotten off the subject.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

The Sword in the Stone

I have longed for the days of Camelot. I was young when the “shinning moment” occurred, but I longed for its return. I am a student of history. I know Jack had no great achievements, no great victories. Other presidents have accomplished greater things than Jack, before and since, but it was the hope, the dream, the style that calls me back. It was not just Jack, it was Jackie, the “best and brightest,” the goal that was not too far, the burden that was not too great. But how will I know when he has returned?

Ah! but the legend carries the hope of return: the sword in the stone.

Perhaps it will never happen in my life. Perhaps I live in the time of those on the right. Perhaps the nation must let slide all those externalities that the left want to capture but will not until the bill come home to be paid. But I digress.

I thought the man from Arkansas was him – I saw the picture of him as a boy with Jack in the Rose Garden. If ever there was a image that symbolize the passing of the crown, this was it – but he did not pull the sword from the stone. The only thing he had in his hand was his dick.

With John’s death (I should have expected it, in this tragic legend), I wonder did the legend die with him. There were no children, maybe one of the daughter’s children will pull the sword from stone.

But that brings up the bigger question – the one for which I have no answer. Where is the sword in the stone? Where is it, so that I might know when the legend is fulfilled? Obviously it must be a talisman of some sort. But where or what is it?
I have thought long and hard on this and come to what I think is the sword in the stone. It is the press: print, radio, and television news. Not the physical control – nothing as vulgar as that – something less tangible.

The people of the press must in their tiny little hearts -- for their hearts are tiny, from their cynical view of Washington and their jaundice view of politicians and the whole body politic – must feel something special for the man, the man who would be president. It would have to be unconscious and unintended. They are much too cynical to actually admit they like someone. Also, it would go against their professional, objective view of the political arena.

How would I know the sword had been drawn? It would be a powerful weapon: the unconscious support of the press. Nothing could stand in its way. He (or she) would alway be beautiful; would always say the smartest things; that which may be viewed unseemly would be overlooked; what a mighty sword it would be.

Well, that’s were I think the sword in the stone is. I could be wrong. I probably am, but it’s my best guess now. I’ll be watching.

Reap the Whirlwind

The Islam doctrine of teaching their children to hate people will come back to haunt them. Just as the U.S. did not end slavery with it formed the nation 200 years ago and has been haunted ever since; just as the enforced sale of opium to China in the mid 1800’s came to haunt the western world, so too the teaching of hate by the Islamic schools will come to haunt the faithful of Islam.

I saw a recent quotation: “Not all Muslim are terrorist but all terrorist are Muslim.” Islam must realize that they will in the end suffer more than some supposed enemy -- no matter how true it may be. Hate begets hate. Martin Luther King preached peaceful demonstrations of civil rights and became a national holiday. Those blacks that taught hate are forgotten.

“For they have sown the wind, ... they shall reap the whirlwind.”

What Kind of Car Would Jesus Drive?

None, he would use public transportation or depend on the kindness of others.