Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Lucky BP Oil Spill Blunder

We are lucky the BP Oil Spill Blunder occurred when it did. Obama had just opened offshore drilling just days before the well blew up. If this had occurred after BP had been allowed to sink wells with their profits before safety operations all up and down the coasts of America, if we had all these under regulated wells with faulty blowout devices off every coast line, we would be in a lot worse situation that we are now.

We can be thankful that at least it happened now and not later. The ruination of Louisiana coast line fishing and tourist industries will be sacrificed for us all, so it will not happen else where, or even worse, everywhere.

We can either regulate offshore dilling so this can never happen again, or at least not happen because the preventative measures where cut or restricted for the bottom line, or we can spend a lot more for gas or alternatives.

I've got a bottom line for you. BP should not be allowed to operate in the U.S. Any investigation of future blowouts that determines the blowout preventive device was not properly maintained or the well continued to operate with a faulty blowout device, all companies involved take full responsibility and cost for any clean up. Continuing to operate is acceptance of this responsibility, company officers and board members can be held accountable, and no dividends can be paid. That's the new bottom line.