Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Don't Pay the Ransom

Don't Pay the Ransom, Honey, I've Escaped is the name of a little know country song in which the protagonist text messages his wife after staying out all night and knows he needs a really good excuse to explain his absents.

I don't know if the excuse worked, but it sure makes a good country song, and I'm wondering if it works for delinquent blog postings too.

Why have I not posted? I've been really, really busy. I need a new computer (If you've read my Dell Hell postings, you know what I mean.) and I don't want to work on the one I got. The luster of blogging has lost its sheen and become a chore. I was never able to post a comment on Frank Rich's column early enough to get noticed and I didn't want to do anything else until I did that.

All the above is true, but that's no excuse when the intent was write for the sake of writing. To paraphrase Churchill: it's the planning not the plan that's important. That is true of writing also. So if I don't blog, the writing suffers.

Like staying away from the gym, the health suffers. I need to get in there and bench-press some prepositions – see if I can notably dangle a few – run on some sentences, endurance testing even myself, and bulk out my writing physique.