Sunday, May 12, 2013

Slavery and Gun Control

Is America’s philosophy toward gun control like its treatment of slavery?  When slavery in North America finally ended with the Civil War and  13th Admendment, the moral trend against slavery had succeeded long before in civilized nations.  By the 1800s, slavery only existed in primitive, untamed, unexplored parts of the world, and the United States.  As a country proudly claiming our freedom, we could not end what all the other educated, enlighten, and at that time, modern kingdoms had done.  Is gun control following that same trajectory?
I’m all for effective gun control, but I have not heard of any that would meet the criteria of effective.  As long as the crazies can get guns easier than they can get help, we are going to have a problem.  Those that prohibit any form of gun control are the same ones cutting funding for mental health.  We have met the enemy and he is us.
We at this blog stand foursquare with the Constitution, and if we lived at the time of its writing, would have taken to the streets to insure the 2nd Amendment was included.  Then, a gun was needed way more for survival than preventing a crime or enforcement of some cause.   Now, the need for a gun is more social and questionable. 
Googling the concept of a gun stopping or preventing a crime will give all kinds of results both in its support and proof it’s a myth.  Generally, the success stories are of gun toting crime preventers with previous experience or training in just such a confrontation.  These crime preventers usually have more experience in guns use than the crime perpetrators.   An off duty cop or service man that just got back from a combat zone is the “good guy with a gun” that prevented a crime.
And these guys will be the first to tell you, no matter how you may think you will preform in a similar situation, you don’t know until it happen to you, and then it’s too late.  Hours and hours of training helps, but it is not hard to Google up stories of cops firing hundreds of shots with few hits of their target – if at all, and they are the pros.  
While some believe the best form of gun control is to carry one, others know that carrying a gun and using it during a highly emotional crisis is two different things.  Arming teachers will do no good without extensive training and possible exposer to a life and death situations.  Do we really want our education majors including that in their course of study?  
But that gets us back to the original argument for “effective” gun control.  The recent gun control legislation that failed to pass would have been less restrictive than what is in Connecticut, and it didn’t work there.  The shooter was legal until he walked into that school.  Obama’s gun control would be no more effective than the current laws in Connecticut were.
The more liberal states are trying for some sort of gun control and enlighten foreign countries are doing the same.  Just like the legacy of slavery, only lawless backward countries have no gun controls – and the United States.  It's déjà vu all over again.