Saturday, November 15, 2008

This Year’s Nightmare, Next Year’s Dream Team

Obama as President, Clinton at State, and McCain at Defense. The long in the making but historically significant political campaign that seemed would never end leads to one of the most historic governments to come into existence since …when? Lincoln? Washington’s first cabinet?

Naw! That only happens in the movies. Besides, the most important appointment this time around will be at Treasury. Wouldn’t know it?

Don’t you know all our fretting and posting about the significant election cycle would be trumped by the government that followed. I’m probably just dreaming. This ain’t gon’a happen.

Just when I think I’ve seen it all, 2008 steps ups and says, “No you ain’t.” The first non-white, non-European ancestor based man to get his party’s nomination beats the first woman to come really close and then beats a genuine war hero who was up until this year the Republican that Democrats loved, and yet as the campaign ran on and on somewhat as this sentence does, Obama becomes the President. And they are all senators. A senator hasn’t gotten his self elected president since JFK. Senators’ best route to the White House is to get picked for vice president and then run from there.

I had realized in this year of firsts that they would all be back in Washington after the election was over. One of them in the White House, the other two back in the Senate, the goto for any sound byte about whatever is the latest news byte, but I never imagined them in the same government.

I feel like that dude in the movie about young King Arthur upon seeing the as yet unknighted and uncrowned Arthur do the unexpected: “I didn’t see that coming.”

Woops! Was that a Camelot reference? Has The Sword in the Stone been drawn?