Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dark Matter States

The universe is practically eat up with dark matter.  Most of the universe is made up dark matter.  Its everywhere we look.  Except here!

  • All the planets, all their moons, all the asteroids, every satellite shot into the heavens, and every projectile from every cannon ever fired behave in ways that can be explained with good old Newtonian physics, no unexplained velocities or trajectories.  Everything is where it is suppose to be when it is suppose to be.  No need to concoct exotic solutions for observations that Newtonian calculus cannot explain.
  • We don’t have black holes, pulsars, binary stars, or super nova either, but while they are all over the universe, they are not as pervasive as dark matter.  Dark matter is everywhere we look.  Where is our dark matter?
  • On science shows like Nova or on the Science Channel they dramatically explain red shift using the Doppler Effect by recording the sound on the train and standing next to the track as the train passes.  While this is a theatrical explanation of red shift, maybe this could also explain why we don’t see dark matter effect within our solar system. Our little no frills solar system is all in the same dark matter state.  If we were located where we see the effect of dark matter, everything there would appear as Newtonian calculus dictates, and if we look back at our location here on earth, velocities and trajectories would be seen that could only be explain if we include dark matter. 
  • Some of what we can see when we look at the universe that has been attributable to the dark matter effect, may be a Doppler like shift in what we are seeing.  The red shift is red shifted.   It’s not multiverse, just a shift in verse.