Sunday, August 03, 2014

Boehner’s Lawsuit: Reviving Gift to Big Government

Boehner’s political stunt of the House suing Obama is a genuine gift to big government.  That while the GOP – especially the Libertarian and Tea Party factions - is against any form of government not specifically cited in the Constitution would come up with a new form of active big government is truly amazing.  Just when the forces against big government seem to have the agenda, they go and hand those that want more government intervention into our lives a whole new legislative schema to develop.  Will wonders ever cease? 

The GOP is against any form of socialism in government such as welfare, regulation of the free market, government run business, the taxes to finance these, and the icing on the socialistic cake, Obamacare, but they are offering up a solution that grows big government.

And the GOP in their mad political rush to take down Obama, does not see this.  The National Review and Breitbart want to expand the lawsuit to include Obama’s crimes against immigration legislation.  Huff Post sees fundraising opportunities for the Democrats but does not mention opportunities for proponents of big government.  Politico, WSJournal, and the major news streams are reporting on all the aspect of the lawsuit – save one.  The lawsuit sets a precedent.  And this proactive government initiative has legs.

Oh how the Democrats could have used this.  They could have sued Bush and Cheney for lying about Saddam’s WMDs.  They could have sued Reagan over Iran-Contra.  They mind boggles at how the pro-big government forces could use this gift that is being given them by no other than House Speaker John Boehner.

How about suing Bush and Cheney, NOW, for lying to us on their security initiative as to what electronic communication the NSA was going to gather?  The lawsuit would prove once and for all that Bush truly thought the NSA was only going to watch communications going into and out of the U.S., while Cheney knew otherwise.  

And lawsuit stunt will be there, waiting in the wings, to be used when Congressional majorities and control of the White House changes parties – which it eventually will.