Sunday, April 28, 2013

Congress has left the Building

Congress did it again.  This “do-nothing” Congress passed legislation to stop the delays at airports brought on by recent sequestration.  They fixed their draconian law to fix the budget if they couldn’t fix it by their time-honored method of compromise. 

The punch line in this joke is that they undid what affected them personally in this whole sequestration insult to American knowhow.   The recently passed bill in a body that is legislationally disadvantaged shows exactly how this congress works.

If the sequestration affected their medical health insurance, they would have fixed that and maybe even Obamacare.

If family members were jobless and losing benefits in keeping their homes, they would fix the sequestration cuts to the unemployed.  

If their children or grandchildren depended on Meals on Wheels as much as they do air travel, they would have fixed the cuts to that.

Even if flight delays was purposely done by the Obama administration to dramatize the sequestration, the fact that Congress passed a bill to counteract it proves this Congress can act.  It shows they can only act when their best interest are at stake.

If they did not have a place to sleep, they would fix the plight of the homeless.

If family members and even friends where being endangered by crazies with guns, they would pass meaningful gun legislation.  As long as the mentally ill can get guns easier than they can get help, we got a problem.

I have posted previously that this government of a split Congress with a Democrat in the White House can do nothing, but I was proved wrong.  They can act when it discomforts them personally.