Sunday, October 07, 2012

It’s Not a Lie if the Majority Believe It

After seeing Romney’s performance in Wednesday night’s debate and remembering the whoppers told by Paul Ryan at Republican Convention, I think I smell rat.  While I know making assertions like that lumps me in with the latest conspiracy theorists that believe the latest job numbers are cooked.  My question is what’s cooking in the Republican Party?

Politicians telling lies to get elected and then worry about the consequences once they are in office is as old as this country itself.  It’s a great American tradition – just as conspiracy paranoia is.  From the Revolution to today, many feel we were promised freedoms and rights that never materialized, or they are always in jeopardy.  When does strategy become a conspiracy?

Pundits condemn and laud Romney’s bravado in presenting partial truths or misrepresentations as facts.  And they critically view Obama’s failure to point out Romney’s untruths.

And then it hit me.  Another old saying from the not to distant past is Fox News used to work for the Republican Party.  Now, the Republican Party works for Fox News.  Romney and Ryan are implementing a strategy tried and proven by Fox News.  It’s not that they are following Fox News’ orders; it’s they are presenting information as Fox News would do it.

There is nothing to tell us how good a president any candidate will be and we only really know it after their tenure is over.  We’ve had presidents who had extensive administrative experience who made terrible presidents and we’ve had presidents who had little when they came into office, and we honor their service to our country.  That’s true for both parties.

I will watch with bated breath the VP debate for a continuing exercise of the Fox News Strategy by Ryan, and the other presidential debates to see if Romney continues implementation of the strategy.  Or more to the point, I will watch with baited breath, because the debates offer a soapbox super PACs can only dream but never buy, and I’ll have something to say about that.