Sunday, June 15, 2008

Name Your Wise Men

We got two all but certified party nominees for the President’s position and there’s a whole shit pot full of punditry on prospective VP’s. So why not go ahead and name some names that will play a major roll in the prospective President’s administration.

If I had only known who Bush would decide to listen to, I might have taken to the streets or volunteered or done something to see he didn’t get elected – especially in 2000. Well, I got a decision to make come November, and I sure would like to know a lot more about who is going to be the government for the next four years.

I never cared too much for Nixon, but I admired his administration, and the more time passes the more I admire Kissinger foreign policy. Some realpolitik is just what we need in the Middle East and in domestic policy also. I thought Ronald Reagan and the first Bush as intellectual lightweights but they had cabinets I could admire and go to sleep at night and not worry about what sort of situation they had got us into overnight.

However, the younger Bush has caused me to rethink my opinion of the first Bush. I’ve come to think of him as a subtle genius – at least in foreign policy. The first Gulf War will be a study in history on how small but decidedly inclined incursion in foreign countries should occur. The decision to stop at the Kuwaiti border has been proven wise.

Maybe Cheney and Rumsfeld who were part of the elder Bush’s administration were part of that group that thought we should have continued on into Baghdad, and when they got the chance to do so the second time around, they took it – and Bush decided to listen to them instead of Colin Powell. Seems the reborn frat boy fell on his legacy to make his fathers.

I don’t need to know the whole cabinet and even who will be put in what major positions – except of course for he VP – but who will Obama or McCain bring into their administration would certainly help me decide who I should vote for come November.

There’s your Change, Barry, name some names. Come on McCain, straight talk us some names. Let’s see what kind of government you leaning toward.

They probably won’t, I’ll vote for one of them, and then sometime in the not too far future, I’ll be linking to this post next time I whine, if I had only known.