Monday, May 28, 2012

Venus Rising 10,000 BC

Has physics and astronomy theory reached the same point it was some 10,000 years ago? 
Our hunter-gather ancestors discovered they could raise and cultivate what they once hunted and gathered, thus, they settled down, and lo and behold civilization was a byproduct.   
Our settled ancestors notice that over time the sun, moon, and stars rose and set at the same place on the distant horizon.  Being as good at ciphering then as we are today, they even figured that the heavenly bodies set and rose in exactly the same place every 365 days times 4 plus 1 day.  There were five exceptions in the heavens, but after a several generations of careful observation and documentation, they knew that the wondering stars – that would one day be called planets for that very reason – had a cycle to them.
While they could calculate exactly where the heavenly bodies were supposed to be year after year, generation after generation, they could not explain why they were there.  The witchdoctors and shamans had all manner of explanations that fostered beliefs in spirits and gods.  But the hunter-gather instinct wanted something more physical, and so a theory was proposed.
From their limited perspective and because the shoulders on which they stood were still close to the ground, they assumed the earth was the center of the universe and everything rotated around it.  A model of heavenly bodies positioned on crystal spheres was one accepted theory to explain everything appearing to circle the earth.  This fit well with the rising religions beliefs that would come to dominate Europe and the Middle East.  Of course they were wrong.  Except for the moon – they got that one right!
Could it be we are at the same point today as they were then, and our theories are no better at explaining our mysteries than theirs theories explained theirs?  We got the math.  We just can’t explain it.
Dark matter and energy that we can neither see nor detect except to explain the effect on what we can see and detect.  How could something be so omnipresent in all the distant bodies we see, make up over half the universe, and yet we cannot find it in our own solar system.  The planets, their moons, and all our spacecraft behave in good old Newtonian calculus with no indications or need of dark matter.  Relativistic adjustments?  Yes.  Any corrections for dark matter?  No.

Reports of the misplace Voyager spacecraft was not where it was suppose to be would be the first indication of the effect of dark matter on something close by, but it was later reported the displacement was due to leaking fuel for the maneuvering rockets. 
A gravity particle to match a universal force with the theory of everything else which seems to hold true if only we could find that gravity particle.  Can’t find the gravity particle; can’t explain gravity’s influence on most of the universe except with dark matter.  Dark particle? 
Looking very far or very small, we try to explain what we see.  From strings to multiverse we theorize how and why, but in all probability, we are no more right than our ancient ancestors were.   But don’t feel like a total loser, they got the moon right.