Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tapping to the Muzak

Is this an invitation or do you just like this song?

Frank Rich has weighted in on the Larry Craig brouhaha over how the left and right are responding to his behavior in the Minneapolis Airport’s men’s room.

The right is attacking the left for not being understanding for Craig’s misfortune. Where’s the political correctness for a gay man – sorry, a non-gay man acting as a gay man – when the left is so quick to defend a gay’s right to be gay? The left’s retort is that it is not the gayness of it all but the hypocrisy of Craig and his conservative kind. Craig was supposed to be a real gay basher in the Senate.

The lefties don’t care how many times Craig goes into a men’s room for reasons other than urinary or bowel relief. He can tap his foot all he wants and take as wide a stance as he wishes, and even followed up with whatever this behavior is suppose to portend.

It’s Craig’s two-facedness in the whole gay political scene that upset the liberals. They would act the same way if they found out Ted Kennedy was a member of the KKK or Joe Lieberman was secretly a Nazi. Would they be as upset if they found out Barney Frank was secretly having an affair with a woman? Would the right then come to their defense?

Up is down, down is up, the left is right and the right is left. We seem to be living in that kind of political bizarro world now, so I wouldn’t be surprise.

You can be sure of one thing. The right has mastered mass communication, and as we have recently seen in the past, will make the liberals look like fools over this whole gay bashing affair. They’ll feed the liberals their own lunch – sideways.

See my previous post about the two brains of politics and how the conservative brain may have been slow – as test now show – to catch on to mass communication, but now that they have, their unwavering brain pathways gives them an advantage in spinning any story the liberals can only understand but never equal.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Two-Brained Again

I grow up learning all this liberal moralism about the self-evident truths of equality extended to the sexes. Later, I learn there is a difference in our brains – the fact of which I was very much experiencing first hand during a crucial period of development. As a young boy, receiving a first rate American education with access to the Playboy Philosophy, I took the politically correctness of it completely. I bought the whole bit.

Girls are just like boys but with different body parts. And so I figured like boys, they want to use those body parts a soon as possible. How wrong can a guy be? If I had only known.

And now I come to learn conservatives and liberals got different brains. Who would of thought? Oh yea, the liberals would. That’s what the results say, so unless I got my summary wrong about the summary appearing in the press, of the summary appearing in the scientific journal (to which I don’t have access and probably wouldn’t understand, anyway), liberals anticipated or were more ready to accept the two-brained politicos.

Following this line of logic, liberals must have known about two-brained sexes. Does that mean I’m not a liberal since I didn’t catch on until I heard about it? But when I did hear about two-brained gendering, I said, “Well that explains it. Now I understand what I have been experiencing personally all these years.” If I had only known.

I’ve taken the Political Typology test twice over at that Pew thingy and was judged a liberal. I considered myself a moderate conservative but the test said I was a liberal – twice. And there was a span of a year or two between the tests. So, I supposed I’m a liberal. If it’s true, this latest findings says I should be hard wired to accept the sudden change in political philosophy.

What I don’t like seeing is the repeated assumption that the results infer a lower intelligence in conservatives as a group. This idea has been around long before we knew about the two brains of politics. Everyone wants to seize this report as physical proof of the lower intelligence of conservatives.

However, the results prove something entirely different. Lyndon Johnson once said that if you can’t walk into a room and know who is on your side and who isn’t, you shouldn’t be in politics. How do you measure that on an IQ test? I know of guys who are doing well to answer their emails and spreadsheets are foreign territory to them, and yet they are the life of the party. How do you measure the ability to win friends and influence people on an IQ test?

Wouldn’t it be something that the latest results are true, and there are two brains? What if one of those brains, the liberal one, test better in IQ test than the other, the conservative one? What if the IQ test is a test for the liberal brain and the conservative brain is going untested at what it does best?

While liberals with their hard-wired capabilities grasped the significance of mass communication long before the conservatives did, once the conservatives assimilate the medium, they have proved themselves past masters at it. The liberals are the ones with all the intelligence but the conservatives keep beating them at the polls. Unwavering familiarity gives those who are wired to do so an advantage and richness for normalcy that those not wired to do so can only appreciate. Because of the tendency for unwavering thoughts, conservatives feel the patriotism and communal emotions liberals can only imagine.

These latest results on political two-brains might explain liberal ideas becoming conservative foundations.

At any rate, it does explain what I’m seeing in political behavior just as the two brains of the sexes explain the looks I got when I suggested what was obvious to the brain I was using.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Post from Dell Hell

I'm back from Dell Hell. I had to reload the mother program -- the one the computer came with -- which I suppose is an improvement over previous computers, but if I had known I was going to be doing this on an semi-annual basis I would have selected my programs more carefully.

I've still got to reload Office. This was composed at Google Office. I got to reload the wireless program. I know, I know, I should have gotten wireless when I bought the computer, but I didn't.

Of course I lost all my files but I have learned from previous failures so nothing important was lost. I don't keep anything important on my computer because I can never tell when I'll be making a trip to Dell Hell. However, I did lose the music I downloaded but had not moved to disc. I hope the MSN people will let me download them again since I've already paid for them.

I tried to reload drivers but not even the boot disk would work. There's no use calling India because they would just tell me to do what I did. I've sat on the phone long enough with them to learn that. I'm not cranky or irate. I usually ask how the weather is there, and tell them their English is very good -- anything to get their sympathy. But it's for naught, they just tell me to reload the original set up and here I am.

Next time, I'm going with the Geek Squad. At least if I get screwed, it will be locally.

I work for a large organization and they have a big computer group. When something goes wrong they come and fix it or remote in but usually they have you back up and running in no time. They've ruined me.

I must have a lemon of a computer. My computer at work never locks up and the system file is never corrupted like the one at home. I had a head crash at work but the system never locked up on me. And the one at work is a Dell, too. The one at home must be a lemon.

At any rate, I'm back and will try to uphold the code of the weekend blogger. It's good to be back.

I love cyberspace.